Welcome to Tammy Zee’s Yoga!! For over 25 years Tammy has been teaching yoga & her passion is making yoga accessible to everybody!

Yoga is for Everybody!

Beginner Yoga

Have you ever taken a yoga class where you feel like a fish out of water & you want to shout out WAIT or WHAT do you want me to do? This Beginner Yoga class is taught specifically for new comers to yoga. Tammy will demystify yoga, make you feel welcomed & cared for. Tammy’s precise cuing & kind persona will help you experience a yoga class that is just right for YOU!

Vinyasa Yoga

This flowful powerful yoga class is creatively designed to pulsing beats. As you move from one pose to the next with focus & awareness. It will help improve your strength, flexibility, posture & balance, Tammy infuses chakras, mantras, & mudras into this flowing movement meditation yoga practice to help you get the most out of your yoga class.


Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is such a special time for you and what a great way to connect with your little one through the power of yoga. With over 18 years experience leading Pre-Natal exercise classes Tammy will lead your through a safe, clearly instructed, heart centered Pre-Natal Yoga class that will help you and baby feel more comfortable at this precious time.